IPO & RTO Tracker, 2017: July Performance

IPO & RTO Tracker, 2017: July Performance

New Listings

The second half of the year got off to a quiet start, with July offering ASX investors only 4 new listings. 3 of these listings were IPOs, with the other a reverse takeover (RTO).

Among the debutants, 2 of the listings were from the Resources sector (NCZ and ABR), 1 IPO was a consumer staples stock (EHH), and the remaining IPO was a Fund (CRR).

The 2 resources floats enjoyed a far more positive month than their newly listed peers, both ending the month higher. In fact, New Century Resources (ASX: NCZ) soared 216.7%. After beginning its tailings infill drilling program, the zinc explorer announced a week later its initial results, which the company believe “indicate strong potential for increase in resource grade”.

Elsewhere, American Pacific Borate and Lithium (ABR) put in a respectable debut in the days before the month closed. Meanwhile, Eagle Health (EHH) and APN’s Convenience Retail REIT (CRR) both failed to make a meaningful impact on the ASX.


Major Movers from 2017

Among this year’s other IPOs and RTOs, most of the major movers notched up large gains during July. In total, 13 listings from this year increased by at least 25% last month, with 4 exceeding 50%.

Looking past the 85% increase from JiaJia Modern Agriculture (JJF) which was from a considerably low base, the month’s best performers were Blackstone Minerals (BSX), Ardea Resources (ARL) and Alderan Resources (AL8). These 3 shares saw gains of 58%, 56% and 51% respectively.

Blackstone’s jump was led by news the company had acquired a high grade cobalt and gold project in Canada. On the other hand, Ardea announced “thick, high grade cobalt nickel intersections” at its project in Goongarrie South. Finally, Alderan’s share price rose in the lead up to news that it would be expanding its Frisco copper project.

Another notable month-on-month performance came from Bubs Australia (BUB), having rocketed in June as well. This time the company rose 42%, largely on the back of its Quarterly Activity Report and Appendix 4C.

The worst performers for the month were Imagion Biosystems (IBX)  and eSense-Lab (ESE), both of which declined by 23%. While IBX appeared to retrace on no specific news, ESE fell sharply after releasing its Quarterly Activities and Cashflow Reports.

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YTD Performance Table

CompanyCategoryASX CodeListing DateIssue PricePrice End Day 1Price End Day 1 %Current Price% Difference
Bubs AustraliaRTOBUB3/01/2017$0.100$0.13535.0%$0.355255.0%
Winha Commerce & Trade InternationalIPOWQW5/01/2017$0.350$0.49040.0%$0.40014.3%
Asset OwlRTOAO16/01/2017$0.200$0.165-17.5%$0.2105.0%
Skin ElementsIPOSKN6/01/2017$0.200$0.2000.0%$0.130-35.0%
Lifespot HealthIPOLSH11/01/2017$0.200$0.400100.0%$0.170-15.0%
United NetworksIPOUNL12/01/2017$0.200$0.26030.0%$0.155-22.5%
Zenitas HealthRTOZNT13/01/2017$1.000$0.900-10.0%$1.15515.5%
Freehill MiningIPOFHS16/01/2017$0.200$0.150-25.0%$0.090-55.0%
Kalamazoo ResourcesIPOKZR16/01/2017$0.200$0.2105.0%$0.100-50.0%
Thorney TechnologiesRTOTEK18/01/2017$0.200$0.23015.0%$0.23517.5%
Davenport ResourcesIPODAV20/01/2017$0.200$0.195-2.5%$0.084-58.0%
Blackstone MineralsIPOBSX23/01/2017$0.200$0.2052.5%$0.30050.0%
Murray Cod AustraliaRTOMCA31/01/2017$0.050$0.05816.0%$0.07244.0%
Cobalt BlueIPOCOB2/02/2017$0.200$0.22010.0%$0.190-5.0%
Auscann GroupRTOAC83/02/2017$0.200$0.22010.0%$0.410105.0%
Velocity Property GroupIPOVP77/02/2017$0.200$0.2052.5%$0.175-12.5%
Ardea ResourcesIPOARL9/02/2017$0.200$0.180-10.0%$0.905352.5%
Roto-Gro InternationalIPORGI10/02/2017$0.200$0.2157.5%$0.29045.0%
Switzer Divident Growth FundIPOSWTZ24/02/2017$2.500$2.5100.4%$2.490-0.4%
Eildon CapitalIPOEDC28/02/2017$1.060$1.0801.9%$1.055-0.5%
Tianmei Beverage GroupIPOTB828/02/2017$0.200$0.23517.5%$0.185-7.5%
Matador MiningIPOMZZ8/03/2017$0.200$0.26030.0%$0.22010.0%
Quantify TechnologyRTOQFY8/03/2017$0.060$0.07626.7%$0.07016.7%
JiaJiafu Modern AgricultureIPOJJF9/03/2017$0.300$0.260-13.3%$0.250-16.7%
Marquee ResourcesIPOMQR15/03/2017$0.200$0.22010.0%$0.190-5.0%
Wattle Health AustraliaIPOWHA15/03/2017$0.200$0.2000.0%$0.580190.0%
ServTech Global HoldingsIPOSVT17/03/2017$0.200$0.2105.0%$0.125-37.5%
Fat Prophets Global Contrarian FundIPOFPC22/03/2017$1.100$1.1353.2%$1.1151.4%
Bigtincan HoldingsIPOBTH24/03/2017$0.260$0.240-7.7%$0.210-19.2%
Lithium Consolidated Mineral ExplorationIPOLI328/03/2017$0.200$0.180-10.0%$0.130-35.0%
Visioneering TechnologiesIPOVTI28/03/2017$0.420$0.4456.0%$0.380-9.5%
I Synergy GroupIPOIS330/03/2017$0.200$0.197-1.5%$0.160-20.0%
Todd River ResourcesIPOTRT6/04/2017$0.200$0.23015.0%$0.125-37.5%
De. MemIPODEM7/04/2017$0.200$0.450125.0%$0.33065.0%
URB InvestmentsIPOURB12/04/2017$1.100$1.090-0.9%$1.055-4.1%
E2 MetalsIPOE2M19/04/2017$0.200$0.155-22.5%$0.120-40.0%
Tinybeans GroupIPOTNY21/04/2017$1.000$0.950-5.0%$0.875-12.5%
Big River IndustriesIPOBRI1/05/2017$1.460$1.5103.4%$1.90030.1%
Bingo IndustriesIPOBIN3/05/2017$1.800$1.760-2.2%$2.02012.2%
Morphic Ethical Equities FundIPOMEC3/05/2017$1.100$1.065-3.2%$1.1252.3%
CANN GroupIPOCAN4/05/2017$0.300$0.645115.0%$0.685128.3%
MSL SolutionsIPOMPW4/05/2017$0.250$0.2552.0%$0.31024.0%
The Hydroponics CompanyIPOTHC4/05/2017$0.200$0.405102.5%$0.25025.0%
Oceania HealthcareIPOOCA5/05/2017$0.740$0.7400.0%$0.92024.3%
Plato Income MaximiserIPOPL85/05/2017$1.100$1.080-1.8%$1.1050.5%
Field Solutions HoldingsRTOFSG8/05/2017$0.030$0.0313.3%$0.03310.0%
Zenith EnergyIPOZEN9/05/2017$0.500$0.55010.0%$0.480-4.0%
G Medical Innovations HoldingsIPOGMV10/05/2017$0.200$0.140-30.0%$0.22010.0%
Benjamin HornigoldIPOBHD12/05/2017$1.000$1.0707.0%$0.880-12.0%
Magmatic ResourcesIPOMAG19/05/2017$0.200$0.2000.0%$0.140-30.0%
Ausmex Mining GroupRTOAMG30/05/2017$0.080$0.0800.0%$0.063-21.3%
Alderan ResourcesIPOAL89/06/2017$0.200$0.38090.0%$0.700250.0%
Golden Mile ResourcesIPOG8819/06/2017$0.200$0.185-7.5%$0.150-25.0%
Kelly Partners GroupIPOKPG21/06/2017$1.000$1.36036.0%$1.42042.0%
Oliver's Real FoodsIPOOLI21/06/2017$0.200$0.24020.0%$0.28040.0%
Calidus ResourcesRTOCAI22/06/2017$0.020$0.0200.0%$0.02420.0%
Imagion BiosystemsIPOIBX22/06/2017$0.200$0.160-20.0%$0.150-25.0%
Contango Global GrowthIPOCQG23/06/2017$1.100$1.1100.9%$1.1151.4%
WAM MicrocapIPOWMI28/06/2017$1.100$1.1201.8%$1.1908.2%
ELMO SoftwareIPOELO29/06/2017$2.000$2.50025.0%$2.36018.0%
Eagle HealthIPOEHH3/07/2017$0.400$0.4358.7%$0.390-2.5%
New Century ResourcesRTONCZ20/07/2017$0.150$0.380153.3%$0.475216.7%
Convenience Retail REITIPOCRR27/07/2017$3.000$2.990-0.3%$2.950-1.7%
American Pacific Borate & LithiumIPOABR28/07/2017$0.200$0.23015.0%$0.22713.5%

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IPO & RTO Tracker, 2017: July Performance
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