Dragonfly Biosciences Featured image for a blog post with a quizzical young man wearing a woollen hat

Dragonfly Biosciences: Dude, Where’s My IPO?

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The impending initial public offering (IPO) of Dragonfly Biosciences, a cannabidiol (CBD) producer and distributor, has generated a considerable buzz ...

Innogy Featured Image for a blog post, frustrated miner

Innogy Limited Withdraws Listing Application: Unlocking the Potential of Untapped Nickel Frontiers

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Innogy Limited, a mining exploration company with a focus on nickel projects, recently made headlines as they withdrew their listing ...

A featured image for a blog post about XLR8's Nickel Mining

XLR8 Metals Limited: Seize the Opportunity in Battery Minerals Exploration

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The world is rapidly shifting towards a cleaner, more sustainable future, and the demand for battery minerals is skyrocketing. In ...

WAER Founders

The cat-Lover and the Lecturer: Let’s talk about the Co-Founders of WAER

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WAER is gearing up for an IPO on the ASX, so why don’t we take a look at the public ...

A featured image for a blog post about DY6 Metals Malawi mining operations

DY6 Metals Operations in Malawi: A Closer Look

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Given DY6 Metals’ upcoming listing on the ASX, we should take a closer look at their operations in Malawi: DY6 ...

Ashby Mining Analysis

Comparative Analysis: Ashby Mining’s Far Fanning Gold Project in the Charters Towers Region

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As Ashby Mining Limited prepares for its admission to the official list of the ASX, its Far Fanning Gold Project ...

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The Virgin Australia IPO: A Windfall for Bain Capital Raises Questions

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As Bain Capital prepares for the anticipated IPO of Virgin Australia, the majority owners enjoy a significant capital return, leaving ...

Western Australia Energy Resources (WAER) Prepares for Mineral Exploration IPO

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Exciting news awaits mining enthusiasts and investors as Western Australia Energy Resources Limited (WAER) gears up for its upcoming initial ...

(Updated!) Tiger tasman’s Mineral Exploration Listing on ASX

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Attention all investors and mining enthusiasts! Tiger Tasman, a mineral exploration company with a primary focus on identifying, acquiring, and ...

Light & Wonder: A Global Gaming Company Ready for Listing on ASX

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Exciting news for gaming enthusiasts and investors! Light & Wonder, Inc., a leading global games company with a focus on ...