ASX Debut for Infini This is what You’re Buying

Staff Writer

Infini ASX Debut

As Infini Resources Ltd. makes its debut on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) at 1 pm AEDT on January 15, 2024, prospective investors are eyeing a diverse portfolio of projects spanning uranium and lithium exploration. The company enters the public market with ownership and interests in several strategic ventures across Canada and Western Australia.

1. Des Herbiers Project (Québec, Canada)

Infini Resources boasts a 100% interest in the Des Herbiers Project, nestled in the mineral-rich landscape of Québec, Canada. While the project’s details are set to unfold post-listing, Québec is renowned for its substantial mineral resources, adding an element of anticipation for investors.

2. Tinco Project (Saskatchewan, Canada)

The Tinco Project in Saskatchewan, Canada, forms a crucial part of Infini’s portfolio. The company holds a 50% interest in Claim MC00015793 (Tinco North Claim) and a 100% interest in Claim MC00017688 (Tinco South Claim). The strategic Tinco Agreement outlines Infini’s option to acquire the remaining 50% interest in Tinco North, providing a growth trajectory for the company.

3. Valor Project (Québec, Canada)

Infini Resources asserts a 50% interest in the Valor Project, located in Québec, Canada. The Valor Agreement extends the option to acquire the remaining 50%, hinting at a strategic move towards full ownership. Québec’s mineral-rich terrain positions this project as a significant asset in the company’s exploration endeavors.

4. Paterson Lake Project (Ontario, Canada)

Canada’s mineral-rich landscape unfolds further with Infini’s 100% interest in the Paterson Lake Project situated in Ontario. The specifics of the project will come to light post-listing, adding another layer of intrigue to Infini’s diversified exploration pursuits.

5. Portland Creek Uranium Project (Newfoundland, Canada)

Infini Resources holds a 100% interest in the Portland Creek Uranium Project, strategically located in Newfoundland, Canada. The project aligns with the company’s focus on uranium exploration, and details of its development are poised to emerge as trading commences on the ASX.

6. Western Australian Lithium Ventures

Infini Resources expands its footprint in the mineral-rich regions of Western Australia with three key lithium projects: Pegasus Lithium Project, Parna Lithium Project, and Yeelirrie Project. Each project represents a 100% interest, underlining the company’s commitment to the burgeoning lithium market.

As Infini Resources Ltd. steps into the ASX limelight, these projects form the bedrock of the company’s growth strategy. The diversified portfolio, spanning continents and mineral types, positions Infini as an intriguing player in the exploration sector. Investors await the unfolding narrative as the company embarks on its public trading journey.