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Sun Silver ASX trading

Sun Silver’s Stellar Debut on the ASX

Staff Writer

Sun Silver Limited (ASX: SS1) has made an impressive debut on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), capturing the market’s attention ...

Tasmea Debut

Tasmea Limited Makes an Okay Debut on the ASX

Staff Writer

It was not as strong as some had hoped, but initial investors can walk from this deal with quiet satisfaction. ...


Woeful Far Northern Resources (FNR) Debut and Early Trade DisappointS

Staff Writer

It’s a wealth-destruction machine! Far Northern Resources (FNR) made its much-anticipated debut on the ASX on 12 April 2024, with ...

Blinklab IPO Result

2 days Trading Done: Blinklab Limited Buyer Beware

Staff Writer

The company that wants young kids to spend hours on their phones has just finished its second day of trading ...

Fuse Minerals failed IPO

FAILED! Fuse Minerals is A Cautionary Tale of Failed Promises

Staff Writer

The saga of Fuse Minerals Limited has come to a disappointing end, marked by the withdrawal of its application to ...

Maverick Minerals fail

FAILED! Maverick Minerals’ IPO Plans Derailed is A Told-You-So Moment

Staff Writer

In a turn of events that may not come as a surprise to some industry observers, Maverick Minerals Limited (Maverick) ...

Litchfield Minerals ASX debut

Litchfield Minerals Limited (ASX: LMS) Makes Lacklustre Debut on ASX

Staff Writer

Investors were eagerly anticipating the debut of Litchfield Minerals Limited (ASX: LMS) on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), but the ...

Golden Globe Failed IPO

It’s Over for Golden Globe Resources (Withdraws ASX Listing Application to Conclude a Failed IPO)

Staff Writer

Golden Globe Resources Ltd (GGR) has officially withdrawn its application to list on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), marking the ...


Firm Debut for Metals Acquisition Limited (MAC) on ASX Following IPO

Staff Writer

Metals Acquisition Limited (ASX: MAC) marked its entry into the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) with a robust performance in early ...

WAG First Day Trading

Buyer Beware! Australian Wealth Advisors Group Limited (WAG) Muted First Day of Trading

Staff Writer

Yesterday marked the first day of trading for Australian Wealth Advisors Group Limited (WAG) on the ASX, following its initial ...

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