Upcoming Floats Australia & NZ (NEW IPOs, Floats, RTOs)

IPO Society’s Upcoming Floats page makes it easier to discover, research and apply for share offers made by companies that are listing, or are already listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX), National Stock Exchange (NSX), or New Zealand’s Stock Exchange (NZX).

List of New Floats and IPOs in Australia

This is a list of upcoming floats in Australia:

Upcoming Floats on the ASX

Here’s what’s coming up on the ASX:

Company NameListing DateSecurity CodeCapital To Be RaisedIssue PriceWebsiteProspectus
Far Northern Resources LimitedTBAFNR$6,000,000AUD 0.20LinkPresentation
Fuse Minerals Ltd.TBAFSE$10,000,000AUD 0.20Link
Golden Globe Resources26 February 2024GGR$6,000,000AUD 0.20Link
Litchfield Minerals7 March 2024LMS$5,500,000AUD 0.20LinkProspectus
Metals Acquisition Ltd.20 February 2024MAC$325,000,000AUD 16.0LinkPresentation
Maverick Minerals Ltd.TBAMVM$5,000,000AUD 0.20LinkProspectus
The Australian Wealth Advisory Group16 February 2024WAG$5,000,000AUD 0.25Link
Western Australia Energy Resources LimitedTBAWER$5,000,000AUD 0.20Link[Link](Prospectus Link)

Upcoming Listings on the NSX

There are currently no new floats on the National Stock Exchange (NSX).

Upcoming Floats on the NZX

There are currently no upcoming listings on the New Zealand Stock Exchange (NZX).

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