No more fingers WAG As Australian Wealth Advisors Debuts on ASX

Staff Writer

WAG IPO Happening

It took a few false starts but WAG made it to the ASX! The Australian Wealth Advisors Group Limited (ASX: WAG) has made a remarkable entrance onto the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), following its admission to the Official List on February 14, 2024. With an air of anticipation, WAG’s securities will commence trading at 11:00 AM AEDT on Friday, February 16, 2024, under the ASX trade abbreviation “AUSWEALTH.”

Successful Capital Raising and Investor Enthusiasm

WAG’s journey to the ASX has been nothing short of triumphant, with the company successfully raising $5,000,000 through its prospectus offer. This feat was achieved by issuing 20,000,000 shares at an issue price of $0.25 per share, reflecting strong investor confidence and enthusiasm in WAG’s future prospects.

Key Investors at Listing

A notable aspect of WAG’s listing is the composition of its top investors, which includes prominent entities and individuals in the investment landscape. Among them are:

  1. Top Pocket Pty Ltd: With significant holdings, Top Pocket Pty Ltd signifies institutional support for WAG’s vision and growth trajectory.
  2. National Nominees Limited: A trusted custodian of investments, National Nominees Limited’s participation underscores WAG’s appeal to institutional investors.
  3. Pelham Place Pty Ltd: Another substantial investor, Pelham Place Pty Ltd’s involvement signals confidence in WAG’s business model and potential for value creation.
  4. Mr. Peter Geoffrey Hollick + Mrs. Helen Therese Pattison: Notable individuals investing through their superannuation fund, indicating strong personal belief in WAG’s prospects.
  5. Appellation Investments Pty Ltd: Demonstrating family office interest, Appellation Investments Pty Ltd highlights WAG’s appeal to sophisticated investors seeking diversified opportunities.

Impressive Shareholder Base

WAG boasts a diverse shareholder base comprising individuals, institutions, and family offices, reflecting broad-based support for the company’s mission and strategic objectives. With a total of 74,365,000 fully paid ordinary shares on issue, WAG enters the market with a solid foundation for growth and value creation.

Looking Ahead

As WAG embarks on its journey as a publicly listed company, the focus remains on delivering value to shareholders through strategic growth initiatives and prudent financial management. With a clear vision, experienced management team, and strong investor backing, WAG is poised to capitalize on emerging opportunities in the wealth advisory sector and drive sustainable long-term success.

WAG’s admission and quotation on the ASX mark a significant milestone in its corporate journey, setting the stage for a promising future of growth and prosperity. Investors and stakeholders alike can look forward to exciting developments as WAG navigates the dynamic landscape of the financial markets with confidence and resilience.