Title: CleoDX IPO: Pioneering Medical Diagnostics and Devices

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Cleo Diagnostics

Exciting news awaits the investment community as CleoDX, a leading medical diagnostics and devices company, prepares to make its debut on the stock exchange on August 11, 2023. As a trusted source for IPO news, IPO Society is thrilled to present this upcoming listing, offering investors valuable insights into CleoDX’s innovative offerings. With a capital raising target of $12 million, this IPO presents an enticing opportunity for investors looking to support groundbreaking advancements in medical technology.

Company Overview

CleoDX is at the forefront of medical diagnostics and devices development, specializing in the creation and commercialization of cutting-edge technologies. The company’s innovative solutions are poised to revolutionize the medical industry, improving diagnostic accuracy and patient outcomes. CleoDX’s commitment to advancing healthcare through technology has positioned it as a leader in this rapidly growing sector.

Key Details

  • Listing Date: August 11, 2023
  • Contact Details:
  • Website: https://cleodx.com/
  • Phone: 61 3 9614 0600

Offer Details

CleoDX’s initial public offering will consist of ordinary fully paid shares, with an issue price of AUD 0.20 per share. The company aims to raise $12 million in capital, which will be utilized to further develop and commercialize its medical diagnostics and devices. This investment will fuel CleoDX’s growth and enable the company to bring its innovative solutions to market, benefiting patients and healthcare providers.


While the IPO is not underwritten, CleoDX has appointed Taylor Collison Limited as the lead manager. This partnership showcases the confidence that CleoDX and Taylor Collison Limited have in the company’s potential to make a significant impact in the medical technology space.

Investment Prospects

The field of medical diagnostics and devices is undergoing rapid advancements, with technology playing a pivotal role in improving patient care. CleoDX’s focus on developing innovative solutions positions the company at the forefront of this transformative industry. By investing in CleoDX, investors have the opportunity to support groundbreaking technologies that have the potential to revolutionize healthcare practices and enhance patient outcomes.

CleoDX’s commitment to research and development, coupled with its experienced team, provides a strong foundation for growth. With the capital raised through this IPO, CleoDX can accelerate the commercialization of its solutions, expand its market reach, and continue to pioneer advancements in medical diagnostics and devices.

Unique Chance

CleoDX’s upcoming listing on the stock exchange offers investors a unique chance to be part of the revolution in medical technology. As Australia’s trusted IPO website, IPO Society encourages investors to carefully analyze CleoDX’s prospectus, assess their investment objectives, and seek guidance from financial advisors.

CleoDX’s innovative approach, combined with its commitment to improving patient care, makes it an appealing investment opportunity. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to support the advancement of medical diagnostics and devices by investing in CleoDX as it enters the market on August 11, 2023. Stay informed and be part of the transformative journey that CleoDX is embarking upon in the medical technology industry.