What’s The Price of No Apples? Skepticism Surrounds WAER’s Listing

Staff Writer

WAER IPO Troubles

In a surprising turn of events, Western Australia Energy Resources Ltd (WAE) finds itself entangled in off-market share transfers, raising questions about its listing and the implications for prospective investors. The recent Fifth Supplementary Prospectus sheds light on these transactions involving founding shareholders and a new substantial shareholder, Qianyin Ye.

Share Transfer Dynamics

The share transfers involve some of the founding shareholders reallocating their shares to Qianyin Ye. The following table summarizes the transfer details:

TransferorFormer ShareholdingTransfer SharesCurrent Shareholding
Bonbon Capital Pty Ltd7,043,999250,0006,793,999
Triple Six Consulting Pty Ltd776,000190,000586,000
Success Australia Smart Entrepreneur Fund Pty Ltd2,850,0002,230,000620,000
Z&C Family Investment Pty Ltd1,312,000330,000982,000
Total Transfer Shares3,000,000

The Transferee, Qianyin Ye, is now a substantial shareholder in WAE but is not considered a related party or associate of the company. However, this development raises several critical questions.

Founder and Director Round Reallocation

The Share Transfers are explained as a reallocation of shares issued during the Founder Round and Director Round, aimed at reducing the number of shares held by the transferors. While such reallocations are not uncommon, the timing and scale of these transfers in the context of WAE’s impending IPO add an element of uncertainty.

Conditional Nature of Transfers

One of the most intriguing aspects is the conditional nature of these share transfers. If WAE fails to achieve official quotation of its shares by March 14, 2024, Qianyin Ye is obligated to transfer the shares back to the original holders, and the consideration paid must be returned. This conditional arrangement introduces an additional layer of complexity and potential risk.

Relevance to the Capital Raising Offer

The prospectus suggests that unless Qianyin Ye participates in the Capital Raising Offer, the Transferee will not remain a substantial shareholder after its completion. This begs the question: Will Qianyin Ye’s decision to partake in the upcoming Capital Raising Offer influence the course of WAE’s listing?

Director and Substantial Shareholder Interests

The Share Transfers involve shares from substantial shareholders and entities where the directors have a relevant interest. This interplay of director interests and substantial shareholding reallocation further amplifies the intricacies surrounding WAE’s listing.

Skepticism in the Air

The conditional nature of the share transfers, coupled with the reshuffling of substantial shares, introduces an air of skepticism around WAE’s listing. Prospective investors are urged to carefully scrutinize these developments and assess how they might impact the company’s stability and the forthcoming IPO.

As WAE approaches its proposed listing date, the market watches with bated breath to see if these share transfers will have a lasting impact or if they are mere ripples in the journey to becoming a publicly traded entity.