Light & Wonder: A Global Gaming Company Ready for Listing on ASX

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Exciting news for gaming enthusiasts and investors! Light & Wonder, Inc., a leading global games company with a focus on content and digital markets, is preparing for its highly anticipated listing on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) on May 22, 2023, at 11:00 AM AEST. This listing presents a remarkable opportunity for investors to be part of the dynamic and rapidly growing gaming industry.

As a cross-platform global games company, Light & Wonder has established itself as a prominent player in the gaming sector. With a strong emphasis on content development and digital markets, the company is well-positioned to capitalize on the ever-expanding gaming industry and its global reach.

As of now, the specific industry group classification for Light & Wonder is yet to be determined. However, given the company’s focus on games and digital markets, investors can expect exciting developments within the gaming sector.

The issue price, capital to be raised, and expected offer close date are currently undisclosed. Additionally, Light & Wonder’s securities will be issued as CHESS Depositary Interests (CDIs), providing investors with a convenient and secure method of holding their shares.

Notably, there is no underwriter involved in Light & Wonder’s listing process, indicating the confidence and strong market position of the company.

To stay informed about Light & Wonder’s upcoming listing, interested individuals can visit the company’s website at or contact Light & Wonder directly at +1 702 897 7150.

As the listing date approaches, it is essential for investors to remain updated with any further announcements regarding Light & Wonder’s IPO. IPO Society will continue to provide the latest updates on this and other upcoming ASX listings, ensuring investors have access to the most current information.

Please note that while the listing date and company contact details provided are accurate, certain financial details, such as the issue price, capital to be raised, and expected offer close date, have not been disclosed at this time. It is advised to refer to the official offering documents and consult with financial advisors for precise and up-to-date information before making any investment decisions.