(Updated!) Tiger tasman’s Mineral Exploration Listing on ASX

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Attention all investors and mining enthusiasts! Tiger Tasman, a mineral exploration company with a primary focus on identifying, acquiring, and developing battery, critical, and industrial minerals projects throughout Australia, is gearing up for its listing on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). Although the specific listing date is yet to be announced, Tiger Tasman’s upcoming IPO is generating considerable buzz in the market.

As an exploration-focused company, Tigertasman is dedicated to uncovering Australia’s vast mineral potential. With a focus on battery, critical, and industrial minerals, the company is strategically positioned to capitalize on the growing demand for these resources in various industries, including renewable energy, electric vehicles, and advanced manufacturing.

While Tiger Tasman’s industry group classification within the Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS) is yet to be determined, its mission to identify and develop key mineral projects aligns with the ever-expanding mining sector.

During the IPO, Tiger Tasman plans to issue ordinary fully paid shares at an issue price of AUD 0.20. The company aims to raise $8,000,000 in capital through the offering, which will fuel its exploration activities and potential project acquisitions.

Novus Capital Limited has been appointed as the Lead Manager for Tiger Tasman’s listing process. With their expertise in capital raising and market guidance, Novus Capital will support Tiger Tasman in bringing their IPO to fruition. Notably, the offering is not underwritten, indicating the confidence and market interest in Tiger Tasman’s mineral exploration prospects.

As investors eagerly await Tiger Tasman’s listing, it is important to stay updated on the latest developments and announcements. Visit Tiger Tasman’s website at https://www.tigertasman.com/ for more information or contact them directly at (08) 9482 0500.

Please note that while the company contact details provided are accurate, the specific listing date is yet to be announced. Additionally, it is advisable to refer to the official offering documents and consult with financial advisors for precise and up-to-date information regarding Tigertasman’s IPO.

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Updated from earlier post. Tiger Tasman’s Mineral Exploration Listing on ASX